ESG Assessing the Financial Impact of HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics

HPE Nimble Storage has broken away from convention and transformed how storage is managed and supported with the HPE InfoSight predictive analytics platform. HPE engaged ESG to conduct a quantitative survey of the HPE Nimble Storage installed base, as well as non-HPE Nimble Storage customers, to better assess how HPE InfoSight positively impacts customer environments. Both HPE InfoSight telemetry data and ESG’s quantitative survey data show that the benefit delivered to HPE Nimble Storage customers is significant, driving:

  • 79% lower IT operational expenses.
  • 73% fewer trouble tickets in the environment, which are resolved faster.
  • 85% less time spent resolving storage-related trouble tickets.
  • 69% faster time to resolution for events that necessitate level 3 support.
  • The ability to manage and troubleshoot the entire infrastructure environment from a single, intelligent platform.