Why Nanobubble Oxygenation is Key to Optimal Root Zone Health

The root zone is the essential link between a plant and its environment. It is heavily impacted by pathogens, environmental factors, water quality, and oxygen availability. 
Nanobubble-enriched irrigation water from helps increase dissolved oxygen at the root zone to maximize oxygen utilization by plants and beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere, promoting healthy root development and improving plants’ resilience to environmental stressors such as drought and heat. Dissolved oxygen produced by Moleaer’s nanobubble technology is more stable than other forms of oxygenation, enabling growers to achieve longer and more consistent dissolved oxygen concentrations in their irrigation water.
Nanobubble technology also produces high concentrations of negatively charged nanobubbles that have their own list of benefits as well:
  • Improve infiltration of soils and substrates
  • Naturally oxidize contaminants, water-borne pathogens and algae
  • Control biofilm on irrigation systems
  • Enhance nutrient mobility and uptake efficiency
  • Lead to healthier crops, better crop cycles and improved yields
  • And more.
Learn how high-quality, nanobubble-enriched irrigation water with super-saturated levels of dissolved oxygen creates better root zone conditions, plant health, and in many cases, yield in this e-book.

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