What all brands can gain from the new DTC world

We surveyed and interviewed a variety of brands, both DTC and B2C (brands with more traditional marketing strategies than DTCs), to understand:

  • What’s been happening in the market and why
  • How these trends are impacting marketing today
  • How these trends will impact marketing in the future

The findings show that B2Cs are very concerned about DTCs impacting their market share and that DTCs are concerned about the next steps for their business.

As DTCs gain authority in their respective industries, they pose a threat to established brands. With DTCs’ emergence comes an opportunity to adapt and adjust—for both kinds of brands. By digging into how these businesses changed the game, marketers of all stripes can stand a fighting chance at sustainable growth in the new DTC world.

Read on for the full findings from the survey, implications in the market, and recommendations for all brands to succeed amid changing dynamics.

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