Unified Security from Code to Cloud for Financial Services Institutions

Embracing Cloud Transformation

The financial services industry is evolving rapidly, driven by changing customer expectations, emerging technologies, and regulatory demands.To address these challenges, many FSIs are harnessing the power of the AWS cloud to remain competitive, foster innovation, and enhance customer experiences.

New Challenges, New Imperatives

As FSIs migrate to the cloud, security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance become paramount. The threat of cyberattacks looms large, and vulnerabilities in cloud-based applications pose risks. Striking the right balance between growth and risk management is essential.

The Aqua/AWS Approach: A Blueprint for Security and Compliance

A Holistic Approach to Cloud-Native Application Security:

  • Building the Foundation: Establishing a Robust Security Posture – A strong security foundation is the bedrock of your cloud journey. We help you lay down this foundation. 
  • Integrating Regulatory Control Frameworks: Seamlessly merging regulatory requirements into your DevOps workflows ensures you remain compliant while innovating. 
  • Automating Privilege and Secrets Management: Eliminating excessive privilege and secrets through automation minimizes potential security risks. 
  • Securing the Development Pipeline: Safeguarding the development pipeline against attacks is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your applications. 

Shift Left: Identifying and Remediating Risks Early:

  • Automated Security Checks: Identify and address risks in the DevOps toolchain by automating security checks. 
  • Understanding App Dependencies: Gain insights into application dependencies to spot and rectify vulnerabilities. 
  • Ensuring Compliance with SBOM: Maintain compliance through an accurate software bill of materials (SBOM). 

Secure Right: Protecting in Production:

  • Implementing CSPM: Implement cloud security posture management (CSPM) to continuously scan for threats. 
  • Gaining Visibility into Cloud Workloads: Enhance your understanding of your cloud workloads to better secure them.
  • Adding Runtime Detection and Real-Time Response: Stay vigilant with runtime detection and immediate response capabilities. 

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