The Struggle is Real: CMO’S Top Concerns

The role of the CMO is rapidly evolving as CEOs raise expectations about how marketing should contribute to company growth. Who are today's CMOs, where did they come from, what do they do best and how do they do it? gyro, Forbes Insights and SAP surveyed more than 300 marketing executives to find out. Uncover answers and insights when you discover the unique traits that create a “growth CMO,” an elite marketer who successfully drives cultural change, builds marketing capabilities for the future and achieves compelling business results. 

In this article, learn how to master the core capabilities of a growth CMO and uncover areas of opportunity that you can capitalize on to accomplish more.

  • Do you have the traits of an ideal CMO?
  • Learn about the personal and profession aspirations of your peers.
  • Discover the areas of opportunity they capitalize on to drive growth.

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