The Shortcut Guide to Business Security Measures Using SSL

The Shortcut Guide to Business Security Measures Using SSL examines current information security threats to business and describes techniques for developing a security management strategy that leverages established best practices. Designed for IT professionals and business managers, this guide provides an overview of security threats, their impact on businesses, and, perhaps most importantly, practices and technologies for controlling security risks.

The first chapter begins with a discussion of cybercrime and the business resources targeted by increasingly sophisticated and organized attackers. The second chapter moves to examine how common weaknesses in business processes, such as insufficient use of SSL, leave organizations vulnerable to data breaches and compromised systems. The final two chapters address how to create a high impact security strategy and implement best practices, including multiple uses of SSL technologies, to protect your business.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Security threats to IT Operations in the age of cybercrime
  • Common vulnerabilities in business IT systems
  • Developing a high-impact security management strategy

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