The Next Generation of Intent: From Data to Actionable Insights

The Next Generation of Intent

From Data to Actionable Insights

Many of the traditional methods of business interactions have been forever changed by the pandemic. Add to that a skyrocketing preference for digital-first buying experiences. Despite all of this, one thing remains the same: human-to-human connections are key to the process. Buyers expect the same level of connection in the digital world that they once had in coffeeshops and conference halls – forcing companies to rethink their traditional strategies through the lens of online interactions.
But giving these interactions a personal touch is complicated. Marketers lack visibility into non-verbal communication, missing almost all feedback and losing track of prior engagements across channels and platforms.
Throughout this report, we’ll analyze H2H marketing strategies by discussing:

  • Why organizations can’t solely rely on third-party data;
  • Best practices of creating human connections;
  • Strategies of merging multiple data sources to create a full view of the buyer and/or buying committee;
  • How to operationalize intent data in all forms; and
  • The technology needed to assist in the humanization process.

Learn how to capitalize on the latest advancements in intent to make human-to-human connections a winning part of your ABM strategy. 

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