The Evolution of Cloud Security To Real-Time CSPM and Beyond

Traditional CSPM solutions show the state of your environment as a snapshot in time, usually once per day, only giving you partial vision, blinding you from what could potentially compromise your security.  
In this e-book, we’ll discuss the role that CSPM has played in cloud security, how it has evolved over the years and what a modern, context based CSPM brings to the table. We’ll dive into the benefits and challenges of existing CSPM solutions and how combining agentless scanning with real-time in-workload visibility brings deep context-based insights into your security posture. Finally, we will share how Aqua Real-Time CSPM leverages the power of generative AI, to automatically generate prescriptive remediation steps for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across container images and other artifacts, multiple clouds, and multiple workload types. 
According to the report, Aqua leads the way in technology innovation, ranking first on the Innovation Index. This is driven by the ongoing introduction of powerful security capabilities, including our cloud native detection and response (CNDR) and software supply chain security solutions based on advanced eBPF technology.
Transform Your Cloud Security Posture with Aqua Real-Time CSPM:
  • Gain real-time risk visibility across multi-cloud environments for an accurate view of risk with agentless and in-workload scanning.
  • Determine your real risk exposure and understand your complete risk exposure to complex vulnerabilities and threats with deep contextual insights.
  • Remediate the most critical issues faster and make a meaningful impact to risk reduction, without sifting through noisy alerts or tickets.

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