The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Measuring ROI

While business leaders often use return on investment (ROI) as a benchmark for deciding how their teams will focus their time and energy, the concept of ROI is not commonly applied to engineering teams.

Why? Because calculating ROI for engineering teams has been traditionally viewed as difficult to measure.

This puts technical leaders in a tough position. Measuring impact through ROI can be highly effective to provide leadership with a clearer way to understand and demonstrate how the work of the engineering team directly impacts the business. Too often, leaders and executives find themselves talking only about the costs of the organization, and not the quantifiable benefits from their investments. But without highlighting the benefits seen from those costs, how can an organization be expected to make sound business decisions for the development of the engineering and product department?

Jellyfish and Andela have partnered to equip engineering leaders with a guide on how to measure engineering ROI, the benefits that can be seen from measuring ROI across various areas, and the creative applications of ROI within engineering organizations.

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