The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital

A Marketer’s Guide to Transforming Digital Experiences


Today’s marketers are expected to have base background knowledge on all things digital while also keeping up with the ever-changing expectations of consumers. The problem? Staying on top of every trend and gaining in-depth experience in every aspect of the industry is virtually impossible. Marketers are often some of the busiest people at their companies, leaving little time for research on topics that don’t regularly grace their inboxes.

SilverTech wants to help you add to your knowledge with information on what we do best: digital transformation. While this may be a broad term, we mainly help companies improve their websites and digital marketing efforts to provide a better user experience for their customers. In this guide, we are sharing our do’s and don’ts of the digital age, including tips on user experience, personalization, digital marketing, web development and more.

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