The Business Value of Dell PowerStore

The Business Value of Dell PowerStore is an IDC research whitepaper from Dell Technologies and Intel®.

Organizations on the path of digital transformation are seeking greater business value from their data. These projects often include next-generation workloads, like analytics and artificial intelligence, which require high performance, availability and scalability. 

Procuring storage systems that support scale-out, software-defined architectures and NVMe technologies take on added importance in comparison to past refresh cycles.

This extensive IDC research study highlights the ways Dell PowerStore:

  • Decreases IT infrastructure operational costs without compromising performance and scalability for business-critical applications and general-purpose workloads.
  • Enhances end-user productivity and business results through lower latency and higher performance of business-critical applications.
  • Significantly decreases the frequency of unplanned downtime while also reducing the time to resolve an outage.

Get the full story when you download The Business Value of Dell PowerStore from Dell Technologies and Intel®. 


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