The 2023 Holiday Guide for Retailers

This holiday season, retailers need to focus on keeping loyal shoppers coming back for more. But shopper expectations for personalized communications, streamlined commerce experiences and efficient customer service have never been higher.

By combining generative AI, real-time data and your CRM system, you can surface trends, insights and recommendations that will help you create a better end-to-end customer experience while streamlining processes and increasing productivity across your organization. Acting on that data will create unique, value-added retail experiences that keep existing customers loyal and can help attract new customers during the busy holiday season and beyond.

This guide will help you prepare for this year’s peak shopping moments and show you how to create customer loyalty all year long. Check it out to learn how to: 

  • Nurture customer relationships with personalized marketing communications;
  • Save shoppers time with convenient and streamlined commerce experiences;
  • Put efficient service at the heart of your customer retention strategy;
  • Supercharge the capabilities of your brick-and-mortar store associates; and
  • Increase visibility and build better relationships across the supply chain.

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