State Of Non-Traditional Advertising: Digital OOH & CTV Take Center Stage

In the era of oversaturated newsfeeds and stuffed inboxes, B2B buyers are infamously hard to engage. To connect with more prospects and customers, practitioners are taking cues from their B2C counterparts and incorporating new advertising techniques — such as digital out-of-home (OOH) and connected TV (CTV) — into their marketing fold. However, leveraging these techniques in the B2B marketplace isn’t as straightforward as purely consumer advertising; instead, practitioners need to be strategic about placements to ensure the content and messaging is relevant while also targeting specific audiences. As practitioners work to fold non-traditional advertising mediums into their marketing mix, this special report will uncover what marketers need to succeed with these unique advertising mediums by focusing on:

  • What to take under consideration when placing digital OOH and CTV ads to maximize effectiveness;
  • The best strategies for measuring results from non-traditional advertising, such as the use of QR codes;
  • How to generate the data needed to determine target audiences, messaging and more;
  • Examples of creative CTV advertisements that are less formal and intrusive in people’s casual viewing; and
  • How practitioners are using these advertising formats as the starting point to create interactive, interconnected brand experiences.

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