Results-Based Management: The Key to Unlocking Talent, Increasing Productivity

Today’s workers demand flexibility. That’s why smart companies are taking steps to create a more flexible work environment based on results-based management. This management style hones in on what employees do – not where, when or how they do it.

‘[T]his new way of working allows companies to do more with less – less buildings, less pollution, less overtime, and less waste.’

This new Telework Research Network white paper examines how results-based management addresses the values and demands of today’s workforce and provides companies with a multitude of cost-saving, people-retaining benefits.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • How to implement results-based management and effectively measure results
  • Real-world insights from companies known for their results-based management strategies
  • Benefits of results-based management for your company, your employees and the planet
  • And more…

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