N.A.W. (Not Another Webinar): How to Revive a Fatigued Channel + Fight Burnout

More than half of marketers RollWorks interviewed said they’re running over 50% more webinars than they were earlier this year. But that same cohort is also noticing a clear drop-off in attendance. So, what gives?


We’re here to help you revive a fatigued channel and give your follow-up strategy a flash of inspiration. RollWorks is letting you in on:

● What the state of webinar burnout really is for marketers (hint: the majority of marketers we spoke to are really just in it for the recording)

● Why the philosophy of ‘attendance is queen’ just won’t work in today’s climate and how to reframe your approach

● Tips and tricks to break down webinar engagement to build topic-centric nurtures and sales follow-up that keeps conversations burning

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