Is Automated Vulnerability Remediation the Answer?

What’s your mean time to remediate (MTTR)? Unless you’re measuring it in minutes, it’s too long.


In this field guide, Optiv tackles automated vulnerability remediation, including six use cases with time saved.

In this guide, you’ll:

  • Learn where to start – addressing specific change management concerns
  • Examine mapping your environment (patch and configuration concerns, processes and policies).
  • Discover automated remediation solution types (ticketing, workflows, standalone agents, systems management tools, native and enterprise patch management and more.
  • See what automation in action looks like (hands-free solutions, real-world risk, leveraging DevOps tooling, and test automation and RPA).

Evolve from a time-consuming process to one that leverages new processes and recent technological advances. Get your guide – and get started today.

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