Inside Windows 10: What’s New and What’s Next

Ed Bott, longtime Microsoft watcher and author of the just-released Windows 10 Inside Out, delivers inside information you won't hear anywhere else. 

Fastest adoption rate in history for any software product. Should be on 250 million PCs by end of 2015. 

In the good old days, this would have been called Windows 10.1. What's remarkable this time around is it's coming a mere 90 days after the release to manufacturing. And no signs of slowing down. 

Four main topic areas: 

Threshold 2 release (November) – what is it? What's changed for IT pros and business customers? 
What's new in hardware? (Windows Hello, 2-in-1s, everyone has a Surface Pro clone) 
How the documentation is finally catching up (Crucial for IT pros) 
The road ahead: what to expect in 2016 and beyond 

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