Innovative OEM Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) options for Solution Builders

Dell Technologies provides Solution Builders with a simple and cost-effective hyperconverged solution that solves a wide range of challenges and supports almost any use case — including many of those at the edge. This paper focuses on the value of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) systems, and how Dell VxRail has evolved to meet today’s edge requirements.


If you are looking to OEM technology and are not sure if an HCI option is right for you, or you are not sure which VxRail option is right for you, this paper is for you.


Download this whitepaper and learn how Dell Technologies OEM Solutions could help you:


  • Reimagine the solutions you bring to market. 
  • Learn how we’ve been working with customers all over the world integrating our technologies for more than 20 years addressing a broad array of unique requirements.  
  • Benefit from a secure supply chain while meeting your technical requirements and having peace of mind knowing you’ll be using modern, innovative technologies. 
  • Explore the VxRail VD-4000, the smallest VxRail ever featuring Intel’s ‘made for the edge’ Xeon D® Scalable processor, with its lightweight, expandable, front or rear I/O options, making it an ideal for your edge solution that can also withstand the harshest of environments 


Dell Technologies OEM Solutions is a partner you can trust to help you design and deliver solutions built on trusted infrastructure powered by the latest Intel® technology 

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