How to Print Tote Bags Quickly and Efficiently

If you’re in the business of selling stylish tote bags, you’ll likely want to impart a stunning design or designs onto them to maximize their visual appeal. The most popular and cost-effective way to print your designs on tote bags is screen printing. 
Screen printing is the technique of creating a design on a screen mesh. You are essentially creating a stencil and you use a squeegee to push the ink through the open mesh and onto the tote bag. To properly decorate a tote bag, and at a fast pace, you’ll need the perfect printing machine.
Check out the new guide “How to Print Tote Bags Quickly and Efficiently” for insights into some top considerations when looking at screen printing tote bags:
  • Factors that can speed the screen printing process
  • Strategies for making the screen printing set up process easier
  • Considerations related to the curing or drying process
  • And much more
Learn how to determine what equipment will best meet your needs so you can enhance your tote bag printing capabilities.

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