How to develop, secure, and monetize APIs in Healthcare

Join us for a live session with IQVIA’s API product owners as we discuss how they developed APIs that extended their product portfolio and created new revenue streams. Hear how IQVIA addressed security and compliance challenges for self-service APIs in a highly-regulated industry, and learn tips and best practices on how to get started with monetizing your API portfolio while avoiding common mistakes along the way.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key factors to consider when developing APIs in Healthcare
  • How IQVIA developed an API-centric SaaS business model
  • How natural language processing is revolutionizing medical research
  • How other companies are monetizing APIs across industries

Presented by:
Stephen Fishman, Global Practice Lead, Customer Success, MuleSoft
Sara Horsfall, Product Manager, IQVIA
Rina Sarkar, API Marketplace Product Lead, IQVIA
Jason Cumberland, Chief Product Officer, and Co-Founder, HyperCurrent

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