Demystifying Industry Standards, Standards processing: The Key to Simplifying B2B Integration

Industry standards make it possible for businesses to transfer structured information from one computer system to another. This can include a purchase order transferred from business to business, or a patient's prescription sent from a doctor to an insurance company. However, although industry standards are designed to enable quick and clear communications, understanding the standards themselves is often extremely complex. Read this in-depth ebook to learn what industry standards look like, how they work, and the ways they enable automated exchanges of business transactions and information. 

Discover the industry standards and B2B processes that can help you synchronize value chains, create efficiencies and deliver more value to customers.You'll learn:

  • How industry standards came about, and their role within business processes
  • About the fundamental differences between industry standards, and why complexities prevent organizations from leveraging them to their full potential
  • What a common standard format looks like, and how, with the right technology and understanding, complexities can be readily solved

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