Critical Sales Management Reports that Can’t Generate

Today, over 97,700 companies have come to rely on because everything they need to do their jobs is in one place. Or is it? While sales managers love the real-time visibility into their team’s activities so they can forecast sales with confidence, there is still an untapped goldmine sitting in databases and the sales analytics in aren’t able to tap into it and integrate it with other meaningful data.

There are currently 10 sales management reports that is not able to produce that can dramatically impact how well sales managers understand what is happening with their pipeline and forecasts. This report will show sales managers how to analyze all of the critical data to uncover insightful pipeline information.

This paper presents:

  • 10 sales management reports is not able to produce
  • 10 reasons why this is critical and why you should care
  • A framework for implementing the 10 reports

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