CIO’s Guide to Low-Code Innovation

Demands for innovative digital solutions come from all sides—customers, partners, suppliers, employees. A low-code approach can empower more people across your organization to help quickly create them.

Read the CIO’s Guide to Low-Code Innovation to find why low-code development should be a critical component of any CIO’s toolkit. You’ll get a comprehensive look at accelerating innovation using low-code tools, patterns, and practices, including:

  • Why the business value to be gained from low-code solutions is at an inflection point.
  • What are the key drivers for a low-code approach, including the need to scale innovation and agility.
  • How to get started on a low-code journey, including evolving your development culture and models.
  • What to consider when choosing a low-code platform.
  • How to implement your low-code vision using Microsoft Power Platform and associated resources.

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