Change You Can Manage – Overcoming Resistance to Tech

With so many compelling reasons to invest in technology and an ever-expanding landscape of digital tools available—not to mention global circumstances pushing us to adopt them quickly—now is the time to go digital.

If you’re experiencing overwhelm or resistance when it comes to implementing digital processes, it may be worth your time to learn key change management principles and techniques. Keeping your technology current has a host of benefits, including:

  • Improved morale and productivity—59% of IT personnel believe that using antiquated technology can cause a blow to employee morale while 60% believe that it has a negative effect on productivity.
  • Greater reach—1 in 5 American adults is a smartphone-only user. They don’t have traditional home broadband services and only rely on their mobile phones, so if your technology isn’t up to date, you may be missing opportunities to reach 20% of Americans.
  • Higher valuation—Technology is a top 10 driver of business value, according to Valuation Research Corporation.

With so much change happening around us, your firm should be a stable resource for your business to grow and thrive. Learn why the 3 fundamental states of change and how to manage each can make the difference between growth or just keeping up.

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