B2C CMO Report: Challenges and Opportunities Uncovered in a New Consumer Landscape

COVID has changed the way B2C companies interact with their customers and put employee well-being and company survival at the forefront of planning. 3Q Digital surveyed 500 top CMOs in the B2C industry to gauge their challenges, obstacles, and investment priorities in late 2020 and beyond. The data showed an over-emphasis on short-term performance at the likely expense of long-term gains. It also revealed the competitive landscape to be full of opportunities waiting for forward-thinking CMOs to address.

In our report, Accept No Limits: B2C Marketing in 2020, we uncover, and flesh out, market opportunities and macro realities. CMOs who make smart investments of time, money, and resources to tackle the challenges in their path will create long-term plans to support growth well beyond the holiday surge.

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