Annual Aqua Nautilus Research: A Comprehensive Cloud Native Threat Report

With the shift to cloud native architectures, the attack surface has expanded significantly, introducing new security risks that must be addressed.
It’s crucial to learn from the cumulative experiences of your organization as well as others.
Aqua Nautilus is a dedicated team exclusively focused on security research of the cloud native stack. Based on analysis of 700k real-world attacks, the team’s 2023 annual research report provides insight into threat actors’ changing tactics and techniques, showing cloud protections often fall short.
Ultimately, these insights can help security practitioners make better, faster decisions to protect their entire cloud native stack.
The report dives into three key threat areas:
  • New threats targeting the software supply chain
  • Risk posture (vulnerabilities and misconfigurations)
  • Threats targeting workloads in runtime environments
Findings sneak peek:
  • Compared with prior Aqua Nautilus research in 2022, there was a 1,400% increase in fileless attacks.
  • Nautilus found more than 25,000 distinct servers or smaller organizations were vulnerable because of misconfigured Docker Daemons.
  • Organizations of all sizes are at risk for misconfigurations and even minor misconfigurations can have a serious impact.

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