A guide to conducting compassionate layoffs.

How do you let go of valued employees humanely and help them get back on their feet? Your employees have labored alongside you to build your business. When circumstances require you to let go of people who are often like family, the process can feel overwhelming and frightening. But, you can manage a reduction in force in a way that will help you do the right thing for departing employees, maintain morale among remaining ones and protect your employer brand.


How to do the right thing for employees while preserving trust, good relationships and your employer brand. This guide, provides the framework and steps needed to conduct a thoughtful, well-organized reduction in force that will help departing employees find their new beginning. You’ll learn the:

  • value of clear communications and a professional approach
  • questions to consider to develop your plan
  • 12 best practices for a smooth process
  • role of outplacement in maximizing business outcomes and minimizing taxes and liability

Conducting a layoff may be one of the most difficult responsibilities you face as a business professional. Speaking to a group of loyal employees, or looking someone in the eye and saying, ‘we have to let you go,’ will take an emotional toll. No matter the size of the layoff, having to let go of employees who are like family can be extremely stressful, and the tasks surrounding a layoff can feel insurmountable. This guide was created to help you navigate these tasks with ease and peace of mind.

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