A Guide to Application Performance Management Technology: Finding the Right Solution

As the technology and techniques used to build and power modern web applications has advanced, application performance management (APM) solutions have struggled to keep pace. The evolution of web applications has led to environments foreign to many APM tools. Among the disruptors are:

  • Cloud-based and hybrid environments
  • Complex apps composed of heterogeneous components
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Increased popularity of scripting languages
  • SaaS application delivery
  • Service-oriented architecture environments

Because of this technology shift towards distributed systems and organizations utilizing the cloud in their IT infrastructure,vinnovations in APM have been necessary to guarantee precise and actionable performance data. In an era where a single request from an end-user can require calls out to numerous services and servers across an environment, measuring the health of all components, layers and infrastructure connecting these pieces is more critical than ever before.

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