7 Ways to Take Control of Property Spend

Boost purchasing power. Improve productivity. Protect profitability.

Your multifamily staff is helping your communities prosper in fast-changing conditions. Empower them with the right proptech tools to successfully improve your property’s bottom-line performance — with purchasing planning, data-driven insights and automation to battle expense overruns, reduce costly inefficiencies, minimize vendor risks and protect profitability across your portfolio:

  • Where can they analyze the right data to optimize spending?
  • Which tools are helping identify pricing deal opportunities in real time?
  • What is the key to saving at least 5% in key purchasing categories?
  • How can you achieve more than 90% vendor compliance?

Find out which 7 strategic areas of property spending can help reveal the hidden value across the procurement process, accounting and vendor payments – and how to uncover NOI YOY – in this updated eBook.

For more information on ensuring an integrated spend management and procurement program — from sourcing, vendor and inventory management through ordering, invoices and reporting — visit RealPage Spend Management.

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