5 Lessons Learned for Governments Distributing COVID Relief Funding

Government employees are facing an enormous responsibility—to distribute millions (or billions) in relief funds quickly and fairly—and are under incredible political and economic pressure.

Submittable’s end-to-end solution is helping government agencies prepare for the next round of stimulus funding.  Learn how to avoid common mistakes and apply learnings from the first round of funding efforts and implement more efficient and fair practices and tools.

This guide shares our lessons learned from working with governments to distribute their first round of COVID-19 relief funding, including:

  • The need for partners in the work
  • The need for streamlined funds distribution
  • The need to reduce fraud and human error
  • The need to improve equity
  • The need for a partner in accountability
  • Bonus: State of Montana case study

On the brink of a second injection of federal relief funding, it’s crucial to examine what went wrong the first time around, and to apply lessons learned for improved outcomes.

Submittable can help state and local governments get it right this time.

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