2023 Digital Engagement Benchmarks

B2B buying, marketing and selling has never been more complex – in fact, Forrester’s latest research finds that B2B buyers need 59% more interactions to make a  purchase decision than they did three years ago.

So, how are marketers confronting this challenge?

Download the report,  “2023 Digital Engagement Benchmarks,” to understand the current state of digital engagement based on thousands of digital experiences created and delivered by leading B2B brands to millions of professionals across the globe in 2022.

From webinars, content hubs and personalized landing pages, you’ll learn:

  • The most significant shifts in audience engagement and how to adapt
  • Benchmarks across webinar and content experiences, including attendance, engagement and conversion
  • How to optimize your promotional strategy
  • Tips to meet and exceed benchmarks in 2023

Use these insights to think differently about driving revenue growth in 2023 – download now!

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