Customer Service Can Be Retailers’ ‘Secret Weapon’ In Building Customer Loyalty

Consumers have been pushed even further into using digital communication channels to get information or resolve problems. This mass movement online has shone a harsh spotlight on just how vital good customer service — and the accurate, timely information needed to support it — has become.

This Special Report will examine key trends in customer service and how it impacts broader customer experience (CX) strategies, including:

  • Retailers’ need to increase deployments of predictive analytics technologies to provide more accurate information to customer service agents about shopper pain points, out-of-stocks and delays; 
  • The ancillary benefits of offering a strong service experience, including gathering valuable customer and product data; 
  • The growing importance of having a C-level executive with companywide responsibility for customer service and CX; and 
  • How retailers can use customer service to build and strengthen customer loyalty. 

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