5 Steps to Multi-Cloud Mastery and Continuous DevOps Delivery

In today's modern IT organization, the stakes are higher than ever before. If you are reading this then you likely know better than anybody that the pace of digital transformation has put extreme pressure on legacy people, processes, and resources. IT leaders who do not respond effectively to those pressures are likely to be on the outside as a new breed of cloud-savvy and application developer focused individuals come through the ranks.

Organizations in virtually every industry across the public and private sector are using software innovation to differentiate and avoid being disrupted. In this new era of digitization, speed and agility are the keys to success and it falls on Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams to better enable their stakeholders.

This paper will dive deeper into our view of major market trends, discuss 5 critical steps required to transform IT service delivery, and present several considerations to factor in your decision process as you embark on your multi-cloud and DevOps journey.

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